Audgunn Naustdal Holsen
Adress: Holsavegen 904
6819 Førde
Phone: +47 415 14 461
Mail: post@audgunn.no

I was born and raised in the west of Norway and lives and works now in Holsen, a little village in Sunnfjord municipality, Norway. After my education, I have worked with textile printing, public art, teaching and I have had several solo exhibitions.
Today I work in my own textile studio as an extension to our residence and I work with processes that can be linked to storage, transmutation, collection and use of what lies in front of my feet or in any other way randomly come to me (and that I have to clear up). In work with one work come ideas of how I can use the leftovers in the next work, either as inspiration or specific clear up work. This is one of my many aspects of work processes. I alternate between textile art, design and craft. I like to analyze situations and think for the relationship between technique, material and the situation. I work with art full-time.

I have also worked with the theme of public art that has a sound absorbing effect. My ‹Wall Cushions› are examples of this.

BKSF / NBK, Norwegian Visual Artists Association / NKT, Norwegian Textile Artists
NK, Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts

1996 Practically Pedagogically Education, Sogndal (N)
1986 National Collage of Art and Design, Diploma Exam (N)
1980 Sogn og Fjordane Regional School of the Art, Førde (N)
1975 3 years high school, sewing, weaving, arts & crafts, Jølster (N)
1971 1 years high school, trade, Førde (N)

Solo exhibitions
2005 Sogn og Fjordane Art Museum, The Regional Art Centre (N)
2003 ‹Cooperhuset›, Balestrand Art Association (N)
1994 Hareide Art Association, Hareide (N)
1994 The Regional Gallery of Art, Sogn og Fjordane, Førde (N)
1993 Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo (N)
1993 The Regional Art Centre, Rogaland, Stavanger (N)
1988 Gallery Rones, Sogndal (N)
1988 The Coast Museum, Sogn og Fjordane, Florø (N)
1987 The Regional Art Centre Sogn og Fjordane, Førde (N)

Juried group exhibitions
2018 MØNSTRING 2018, Sogn og Fjordane Art Museum (NO)
2017 Finnskogutstillingen 2017, ‹Det store mjuke øyeblikk på Finnskogen›, Finnskogen (NO)
2016 18th international exhibition of textile miniatures FACE TO FACE, Bratislava
2013 The 8th International Biennial of Textile Miniatures “Thoughts – that is…”, Vilnius (LT)
2012 kunstSF 2012, Sogn og Fjordane Kustmuseum (NO)
2011 ‹Designernes eget julemarked›, DogA, Oslo (NO)
2011 The 7th International Biennial of Textile Miniatures “Vanish/Survive”, Vilnius (LT)
2011 The 5th International Minitextile Art Exhibitio, Ukraina (UA)
2010 ‹Designernes eget julemarked›, DogA, Oslo, (NO)
2009 ‹Vevringutstillinga 2009›, 30 årsjubileum (NO)
2009 ‹DOK#1›, gjestekunstnar, Aalborg, Danmark (DK)
2007 ‹Art Textiles›, National Art Gallery, Sofia (BG)
2007 ‹Art Textiles›, Exhibition House of Tartu Art Museum (EE)
2007 ‹Art textiles› Norway, Riga, (LV)
2006 ‹Norsk Tekstiltriennale›, Röhsska museet, Gothenburg (S)
2006 ‹Triennale – 06› textiles-fibre-leather, Oslo (N)
2006 ‹Textile Expression in Contemporary Art›, Kaunas, (LT)
2006 ‹Triennial 06› -textile-fibre–leather (NO)
1998 Annual Exhibition of the Art and Crafts, Trondheim (NO)
1992 ‹Vestlandet› (NO)
1989 Annual Exhibition of the Art and Crafts, Oslo (NO)
1988 ‹Vestlandet›, travelling exhibitions, West of Norway (NO)
1986 Annual Exhibition of the Art and Crafts, Oslo (NO)
1984 ‹Kunst i Vest›, regional exhibition, travelling in 2 conty (NOO)

Other group exhibitions
2013 ‹Haustutstillinga i Flora Kunstlag›, Kystmuseet i SF (The Coastal Museum), Florø
2013 ‹Vevringutstillinga 2013›, Vevring
2012 kunstSF 2012, Sogn og Fjordane Museum of Fine Arts, opening exhebition (NO)
2009 ‹The Vevring Exhibition 09›, 30. anniversary (NO)
2009 ‹Dok#1›, Aalborg, Denmark (DK)
2008 ‹The other place”›, Tendenser 2008», Gallery F15, Moss (NO)
2000 ‹ZUID EN NOOR, NOR OG SØR›, Dordrecht, Nederland (NL)
2000 ‹Art from Fjordane›, Vågsberget (NO)
1998 ‹Crafts from Sogn og Fjordane›, Faroe Islands Art Museum (NO)
1995 ‹The Art of Using›, travelling exhibition, Sogn og Fjjordane (NO)
1994 ‹The Vevring Exhibition› (NO)
1992 ‹På vestkysten›, travel exhibitions, West of Norway (NO)
1990 ‹Integrated public art›, RAM Gallery (NO)
1986 ‹Færøyutstillinga›, Nordens Hus, Torshavn (FO)

Public Collections/purchases
2015 Musea i Sogn og Fjordane, Museum of Fine Art (NO)
1993 The National Art gallery, The Oslo Museum of applied Art (NO)
1993 The National Museum of Decorative Art, Trondheim (NO)
1993 Art Council Norway (NO)
1991 KODE, The West of Norway Museum of Decorative Art, Trondheim (NO)
1989 Sogn og Fjordane Fylkesgalleri (NO)
1989 Fylkeshuset, Sogn og Fjordane, Hermansverk (NO)

2016 Artist Grant of The County of Sogn og Fjordane (NO)
2012 The Nasjonal Grants for Diverse (NO)
2008 Grants of The County of Sogn og Fjordane, establishments (NO)
2008 Guaranteed Income for Artists (NO)
2005 The National Grants for Deputy (NO)
2004 Grants for Exhibitions, Arts Council Norway (NO)
2002 The County of Sogn og Fjordane (NO)
2002 The Craftsmen Fund’s 1 year Scholarship for Artists (NO)
1997 The National Grants for artist’s, Debut (NO)
1994 The National Grants for artist’s, material (NO)
1994 The County of Sogn og Fjordane (NO)
1990 The National Grantsfor artist’s, 3-years (NO)
1987 The National scholarship for artist’s, travel and study (NO)

Public art
2009 Trivselshagen, Sandane (NO)
1996 Bjørkaas Nursing Homes, Oppegård kommune (NO)
1993 The Government House, Moss (NO)
1990 Eid vidaregåande skule, Nordfjordeid (NO)
1990 Psychiatric Clinic, Førde (NO)
1989 BUP, The Family House (mental health care … (NO)
1988 County nursing Home, Høyanger (NO)
1986 Fylkesbaatane (adm. building), Sogn og Fjordane, Florø (N)O

1989 1 price (shared), Idea competition, integrated public art (NO)
1985 Honourable mention, Design competition (NO)

Travelling for study
2017 Münster og Kassel
20172016 Iseo and Zürich
2015 Aarhus, Paris, Copenhagen
2014 Europe; Berlin, Malmö, Copenhagen
2012 Copenhagen
2010 Lisbon
2009 London (several times)
2003 Stockholm, Helsinki
2000 Europe; København, Odense, Dordrecht, Rotterdam, Tilburg, Bologna, Venice, Ljubljana, Vienna, Prague, Malmö and Gothenburg
1998 Berlin
1998 Amsterdam
1997 Copenhagen
1990 Scotland
1988 St Petersburg, Moscow, Beijing, China
1980 Sicilian, Italia, 1987, Stockholm,
1975 Greece; Crete,
1986 The National Scholarship for artist’s, establishments

Collaborative project
2011 Art without a room/ Kunst utan rom (KUR 1)
2012 Art without a room/ Kunst utan rom (KUR 2, 3 og 5)
2013 Art without a room/ Kunst utan rom (KUR 6, 7 og 8), www.facebook.com/kunstutanrom

Printable CV: 2019_CV_engelsk

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