© Audgunn Naustdal Holsen / BONO. Foto: Oddleiv Apneseth

MØNSRTING is a member exhibition for the two artist organizations in Sogn og Fjordane: Biletkunstnarane i Sogn og Fjordane (BKSF) and Norske Kunsthandverkarar Vest-Norge, department Sogn og Fjordane (NKVN). 35 artists have signed up for this exhibition. From the submitted material, the curator has put together the exhibition.
The exhibition time: March 13, 2021 to April 25, 2021.
CURATOR: Eirin Malund Svendsen


I participated with two works; ‹DANCE› and ‹COLLECTION›

DANCE ›, 2020, dress fabric, string and nettle roots, 4 pcs element, a approx. 25 x 20 x 15 cm, photo Audgunn

‹COLLECTION›, 2018-2020, Textile remnants, glue and knots, crochet elements etc., ca 3 x45x30 cm, photo Audgunn.


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Detail photo of ‹Kvit tilstand›/‹From the beginning to the end›, 2019, 45x42x10 cm, tekstiltread, woodstick, knittingteknick

At this time, my textile, “Kvit Condition” / “From the beginning to the end” was to be exhibited at “TEXTILE FESTIVAL 2020 X LEIDEN” in the Netherlands. The festival is exposed to 2021 due to the corona pandemic and will be conducted in 2021, with the same artworks and art projects. All the work to be exhibited is all in place in Leiden, and must be stored there for next year. The theme of the festival / exhibition is “Points of the compass”.
The Foundation for Textile Information and Documentation Center (STIDOC) is hosting the festival for the 6th consecutive year. The textile festival will take place in a unique historical center of Leiden. ‹Pieterskerk will be the festival’s ‹heart› with more than 3500 m2 of exhibition space.

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Every year, Sunnfjord Kunstlag organizes a member exhibition for members of Sunnfjord Kunstlag, as the last exhibition of the exhibition year. The exhibition is open to both professionals and amateurs. In 2019, the exhibition was held in Førdehuset from 28 November to 8 December.I participated this year with 4 work; 2 Embroidery ‹Red Forest› 2 and 4 and 2 ‹Text printing >> 1 and 2.

‹Red Forest, detail, ca 16 x 23 cm, stramei, woolen thread, mounted on wooden board, 2015[/captio

‹Dialog / Dialogue› 1, 2 og 3, 2016, a 20×20 cm, Screen print and embroidery  on linen fabric. 

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‹Red fence›, 2018, detail, about 85x70x60 cm (unrolled length about 6 m), textile material embedded string, fence bonding technique.

Art Exhibition of organized Kunstnarar with ties to Sogn og Fjordane. Free submission for all professional artists in the county.
Vilde Jensen Hjetland (artist) and Arild Bergstrøm (artist)

Exhibition time
10. november 2018 – 3. februar 2019

Opening by author Sivert Nesbø.
Musical performances by Kaare Sandvik.



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‹Tilstand›, Detail, 2018, Textile Wall Installation, Audgunn Naustdal Holsen

Sunnfjord Kunstlag organizes a larger group exhibition of professional artists. All participating artists have started their artist career at Heimyrkeskulen in Jølster. The school was located at Vassenden in Jølster, but no moved to Førde and Nordfjordeid and the school facility in Vassenden has been closed.

Britt Smelvær, Magni Jensen, Audgunn Naustdal Holsen, Aud Sissel Hestenes, Astrid Løvaas, Nils Olav Bøe, Dag Hogne Haugstad, Anne-Lise Stenseth, Hilde Aagaard, Arne Bakke, Lillian Samdal, Anne Angelshaug, Jorunn Mulen, Sol Hallset, Eli Raa Nilsen, Terje Meidel Skare, Bjørn-Sigurd Tufta, Frøydis Årseth, Tone Wolff Kalstad, Gro Haveland, Vilde Kleppe Braanaas, Kari Hjertholm, Otto Tveit og Siv Asbjørnsen

Exhibition time
10. -25. mars 2018


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