‹Tekstilkloss›, varierande storleik innafor ca 10x10x4 cm, ullbroderi, korssting på stramei, montert på trekloss.

‹Texstile block› 2021

‹Up collection›, ca. 35cm x 45 x 30cm, textile remnants, glued, knotted, crocheted etc. Mounted in my studio.

‹Up collection› 2019-2021

‹Dance 1›, 2020, ca 25x20x15 cm, dress fabric, string and nettle roots.

‹DANCE›, 2020

‹Red fence›, 2018, detail, about 85x70x60 cm (unrolled length about 6 m), textile material embedded string, fence bonding technique.

‹Red Fence›, 2018

‹From the beginning to the end›, detail, 2018, approx. 40x35x10 cm, circular knit thread, wooden needles, knitted up to a shape.

‹From the beginning to the end› (‹Kvit tilstand›), 2018

‹Lysglimt› og ‹Under treet›

‹Vinterskog›, ‹Under treet› og ‹Lysglimt›

‹Small Talk›, 2014, 20x30 cm, embroidery, patchworkseam, cotton canvas..., detail

‹Small Talk›, 2014

‹The rest›, 2013, detail of the top…

‹The rest›, 2013

‹Embroidery›, 2011, 30x40cm, embroidery, stitch, cotton thread (moulnegarn), cotton canvas, drawing.

‹Embroidery›, 2011

‹Thread 7›, 2010, 40 x 30 cm, cross stitches, woolen fabric and -thread, detail.

‹Thread›, 2010

‹Moonland›, 2009, 35x35cm x 12 and 5 cushions, plywood, padding and covered with coloured wool jersey. Test mounting.

‹Trivselshagen›, Cultural Center, 2009

‹Figures for comfort›, 2005, ca 25x18x15 cm, wool blanket/wool material, wood wool, wool tassel, embroidery and applications, work process.

‹Figures for Comfort›, 2005

«WOODEN BODY WITH CLOTHES», 2005, plywood, wooden sticks, wool fabric/thread, glue, saw, drill, machine seam, ca 10x7x5 cm, mounting process.

‹Wooden body with clothes› , 2005

‹PROPORSAL›, 2005, 4 pieces à 75×60 cm (161×153 cm monted), dress material, padding, plywood, glue and sewing thread.

‹Proposal›, 2005

‹TRE KJOLAR OG EI GARDIN›, 2005, à D 15 cm x 96 stk., Kjolestoff, stivemiddel og montasje - lim. ‹THREE DRESSES AND A CURTAIN›, 2005, à D 15 cm x 96 stk., dress material, starch and glue.

‹Three dresses and a curtain›, 2005