KUR 15

KUR 15; KUR are looking at Førde downtown

The collaboration in KUR started by the group was looking for a common room in Førde downtown. The collaboration concluded here on a walk where we looked at Førde … We photographed, talked and exchanged thoughts about Førde and the “immaterial” spaces. Photographs from this session lasted a intellectually ending of KUR as art project.
KUR 14

KUR 14; Christmas Exhibition 2014

This time we cleared a storage and organized Christmas exhibition of our art. Sales of textiles, graphics, painting and various small items.
2014 Kur

KUR 13; Window 3 ‹STITCH›

This time we mounted up a fishing net that covers the entire window. In the fishing net we woven easily accessible material t. d. “Strips”, plastic material, leftovers o.a.

KUR 12; Window 2 ‹Cloth hangers on astray›

In the second window for exhibition we used clothes hangers from a disused shop in the area and created a composition with these in the window. A newspaper story in the newspaper Firda.
KUR 11; March 8 installasjon, the completed installation …

KUR 11; Window 1 ‹March 8 2014›

True to tradition, we celebrated Also this year Women’s Day with an art project. KUR is concerned vacant stores and empty shop windows in centre of Førde. We started now with a series of window for exhibitions. To illustrate the stereotypical woman presentation in the society we showed defective exhibit dolls on the dates 8th – 16th March 2014.
‹Vaskemast›, 2013, 1×5 m, Vevring.

KUR 10; ‹VASKE-mast›, The Vevring Exhibition 2013

A temporal monument to women’s efforts through the ages and in association suffrage anniversary 2013. Is placed on a pier next to Vevring school.
The booklet ‹HoHi›, 2013, a stack of booklets.

KUR 8; Art-Zine folder ‹HoHi›

This time they wanted to try out the media ‹art-zine› as an art genre. The booklet was launched on Vevring exhibition 2013, with her own presentation stand.
Workout on tying cloth filler on a test fence.

KUR 9; Art project with school children

KUR had ahead of Vevring exhibition 2013 an art project with the pupils at school Vevring.
KUR 7; Advertisement Project

KUR 7; Advertisement Project in a local newspaper

In connection with voting rights anniversary in 2013. In a small week around voting rights anniversary date 10th June this year printed newspaper advertisements KUR had found in various publications around the year 1913.
Before mounting.

KUR 5; Woman Banner 8th March 2013

We work with texts that had the right to vote struggle and women’s situation in 1913. The texts were presented in 3 large banner placed on large buildings in Forde downtown and unveiled on Women’s Day.
Before mounting.

KUR 6; Woman Banner and postcards traveling

Marking Woman Voting Rights Anniversary in 2013.
From the workshop.

KUR 4; Christmas exhibition and workshop 2012

Arts and crafts exhibition with workshop. This is the second year KUR organizing this project; as an event before Christmas in Førde.
KUR 3; Førde Folk Music Festival blue , 2012, ca 100 x 100 x 400 cm, used stuff and waste.

KUR 3; Førde Folk Music Festival 2012

The project includes marking of four various festival arenas in Førde downtown. Title: ‹Mix Mast›
Installation of text on buildings in downtown Førde

KUR 2, The Women’s Day, 2012

Combined workshop in printmaking and installation stunt of graphic texts in Forde downtown.
Workshop; shaping of wax candles

KUR 1; Christmas exhibition and workshop 2011

This first event KUR organized was a ‹popup› art event.