‹Shawl for the bride› 1998, remonted 2024 at the Scandic Sunnfjord Hotel & Spa

‹SHAWL FOR THE BRIDE› 1998, remounted in the hallway/stair room in Scandic Sunnfjord Hotel & Spa in 2024 as part of the ‹ALL MINE› – project.
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‹The Nettle root project› in the exhibition stand at Førdehuset 2024

‹Neslerotprosjektet› i utstillingsmonteren ved Førdehuset
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‹All mine› og ‹In cross and across› 1994-2024

‹All mine› og ‹On cross and across› 1994-2024.

‹All mine› and ‹Dialogue› frå 2009

‹All mine› and ‹Dialogue 2›
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‹All mine› and new assembly of ‹My stripes› from 1993

Reassembly of ‹My stripes› from 1993 in the trading house Alti Førde. ‹My stripes› is from my solo exhibition at Kunstnarforbundet, Oslo, 1993. Photo: Øystein Klakegg
Foto: Øystein Klakegg

‹All mine› and remounting of ‹Three dresses and a curtain› from 2005

Remounting of ‹Three dresses and a curtain› from 2005 at the second-hand clothing store ‹Poden og Boden› which is established in the new Elvekanten-bygget in Førde city centre. This is included in the project ‹ALL MINE›. Foto. Øystein Klakegg
utgangspunkt for teikning med alle blyantene mine, 2023

‹All pencils›, 2023

A few years ago I found all my pencils and drew some rhythmic drawings with them. These have been lying since. Now I repeated the process with some new drawings

Launch exhibition, gallery CM7, Bergen

Art exhibition/-salon in connection with the launch of the website leiga.no.
‹Tekstilkloss›, varierande storleik innafor ca 10x10x4 cm, ullbroderi, korssting på stramei, montert på trekloss.

‹Texstile block› 2021

‹Textile block›, varying size within approx. 10x12x4 cm, wool embroidery, cross stitch, mounted on wooden block.
Tekstilfestival 12. til 15. mai 2021, nettplakat


The textile festival in Leiden from 12 to 15 May 2021 is a festival planned for 2020. Due to covid19, the festival was postponed until 2021 and finally turned into a partially digital event.
‹Up collection›, ca. 35cm x 45 x 30cm, textile remnants, glued, knotted, crocheted etc. Mounted in my studio.

‹Up collection› 2019-2021

‹Up collection›, ca. 35cm x 45 x 30cm, textile remnants, glued, knotted, crocheted etc.
Invitation, SFKM, motif detail of ‹Collection›, photo: Oddleif Apneseth

‹Mønstring 2021›, Sogn og Fjordane Kunstmuseum

Member exhibition for visual arts in Sogn og Fjordane district 13 March – 25 April 2021
‹Dance 1›, 2020, ca 25x20x15 cm, dress fabric, string and nettle roots.

‹DANCE›, 2020

‹Dance› 2020
‹The Rest›, 2013, ca 20x20x20 cm, thread leftovers glued together.

‹Eit berekraftig utopolis?›

Curated group exhibition, 17. februal – 14. april 2019, Galleri Salhus, NorskTrikotasjemuseum.
‹Red fence›, 2018, detail, about 85x70x60 cm (unrolled length about 6 m), textile material embedded string, fence bonding technique.

‹Red Fence›, 2018

Dette er eit gjerde; eit parkert gjerde.Det er mjuka opp med tekstil og det løyser seg opp i eine…
‹Red fence›, 2018, detail, about 85x70x60 cm (unrolled length about 6 m), textile material embedded string, fence bonding technique.

MØNSTRING 2018, Sogn and Fjordane Art Museum

Art Exhibition of organized Kunstnarar with ties to Sogn og Fjordane. Free submission for all professional artists in the county.
‹Kvit tilstand›, 2018, detalj, ca 40x35x10 cm, rundstrikka tråd, trepinner, strikket opp til ei form.

‹From the beginning to the end› (‹Kvit tilstand›), 2018

‹From the beginning to the end›, detail, 2018, approx. 40x35x10 cm, circular knit thread, wooden needles, knitted up to a shape.
‹Tilstand›, 2018

Heimyrkeskulen og kunsten, Sunnfjord Kunstlag


The large soft moments in Finnskogen 2017

Juried member exhibition in connection with the Norwegian Textile Artists (NTK) is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2017.
Ready for the exhibition ‹Det store mjuke øyeblikk på Finnskogen› 2017, 40x40x70 cm, textile fabric, wooden stick, seam mm

Rosa variety 2017

Part of the project / where the textile is pinned up with wooden sticks …
‹Textile Card› 2016 9×9 cm, block printing and embroidery, linen/cotton. Card 12×12 cm, acid-free paper, matte transparent envelope.

Textile Cards

Textile Card 2016
‹Dialogue› 1, 2 and 3, 2016, a 20 × 20 cm, Screen printing and embroidery on linen.

‹Dialogue› 1, 2 og 3

‹Dialogue› 1, 2 and 3, 2016, a 20 × 20 cm, Screen printing and embroidery on linen.


This is the second fabric I have reconstructed a local folk costume.
The sketch and printed fabric lengths.

Reconstruction of National Costume fabric

Reconstruction of National Costume fabric
Revir I, II, II og IV, plywood, wool yarn, knitting, leaf sawing.

Revir I, II, II og IV

Revir I, II, II og IV, plywood, wool yarn, knitting, leaf sawing.
‹Thread III› d, 2016, 35x35 cm, detail, Screen Printing on textile, cotton sateen

Thread III

‹Thread III›, 2016, 35×35 cm, detail, Screen Printing on textile, cotton sateen

‹Face to face› 2016, Bratislava

18th international exhibition of textile miniatures ZOČI-VOČI / FACE TO FACE
Pixel embroidery ‹Red Forest 1-4› and ‹Gray Horizon›, ca 16 x 23 cm, stramei, woolen thread, wooden board, 2015


17. – 25. oktober 2015 Sunnfjord Kunstlag has invited 40 artists associated with the Sogn og Fjordane county to celebrate 40 years as Art Association.
Pixel embroidery ‹Red Forest 1-4›, ca 16 x 23 cm, stramei, woolen thread, wooden board, 2015

Pixel embroidery, 2015

Strameibroderi based on landscape photography and transformed through technique and material
2015 Oppspilt broken thread

‹MØNSTRING 2015 – Art Sogn og Fjordane›

‹MØNSTRING 2015 – Art Sogn og Fjordane› is a member exhibition for professional artists in the county of Sogn og Fjordane.
‹Lysglimt› og ‹Under treet›

‹Vinterskog›, ‹Under treet› og ‹Lysglimt›


7th international biennal of mini textile art ‹Scythia›, Ukraine

7th international biennal of mini textile art ‹Scythia›, Urkaina, 16. – 27. june 2015


The textile ‹Into my Mothers Head›, 2012, is participate to this exhibition in Praha
TXT Pozv miniatura, 2015

Memory of Textile, 2015, Bratislava

The textile ‹Into my Mothers Head›, 2012, is participate to this exhibition in Bratislava.
KUR 15

KUR 15; KUR are looking at Førde downtown

The collaboration in KUR started by the group was looking for a common room in Førde downtown. The collaboration concluded here on a walk where we looked at Førde … We photographed, talked and exchanged thoughts about Førde and the “immaterial” spaces. Photographs from this session lasted a intellectually ending of KUR as art project.
‹Small Talk›, 2014, 20x30 cm, embroidery, patchworkseam, cotton canvas..., detail

‹Small Talk›, 2014

‹Small Talk›, 2014, 20×30 cm, embroidery, patchwork seam, cotton canvas…
KUR 14

KUR 14; Christmas Exhibition 2014

This time we cleared a storage and organized Christmas exhibition of our art. Sales of textiles, graphics, painting and various small items.

‹Running stick›, 2014

Textile project 2014
2014 Kur

KUR 13; Window 3 ‹STITCH›

This time we mounted up a fishing net that covers the entire window. In the fishing net we woven easily accessible material t. d. “Strips”, plastic material, leftovers o.a.

KUR 12; Window 2 ‹Cloth hangers on astray›

In the second window for exhibition we used clothes hangers from a disused shop in the area and created a composition with these in the window. A newspaper story in the newspaper Firda.
KUR 11; March 8 installasjon, the completed installation …

KUR 11; Window 1 ‹March 8 2014›

True to tradition, we celebrated Also this year Women’s Day with an art project. KUR is concerned vacant stores and empty shop windows in centre of Førde. We started now with a series of window for exhibitions. To illustrate the stereotypical woman presentation in the society we showed defective exhibit dolls on the dates 8th – 16th March 2014.
Part of the exhibition poster

The Autumn Exhibition

This autumn exhibition organized by Flora Art Association. They arrange their exhibitions in the Coastal Museum in Sogn og Fjordane, which is located in the city.
Textile Shape, 2013, ca 10X10X9 cm, wool jersey, wool thread, hand sewing.

‹Textile Shapes›, 2013

This is a group ‹Textile shapes› produced in 2012. This is work make in the meantime and can be produced anywhere and at any place. I need woolen strips, thread and needle – and silence.
Pages 1 and 2 in the catalog.

The Vevring Exhibition 2013

Annual Scandinavian Exhibition of visual arts and crafts, arranged in a little place on the countryside of Norway. The organizer is by voluntary work.
‹Vaskemast›, 2013, 1×5 m, Vevring.

KUR 10; ‹VASKE-mast›, The Vevring Exhibition 2013

A temporal monument to women’s efforts through the ages and in association suffrage anniversary 2013. Is placed on a pier next to Vevring school.
The booklet ‹HoHi›, 2013, a stack of booklets.

KUR 8; Art-Zine folder ‹HoHi›

This time they wanted to try out the media ‹art-zine› as an art genre. The booklet was launched on Vevring exhibition 2013, with her own presentation stand.
Workout on tying cloth filler on a test fence.

KUR 9; Art project with school children

KUR had ahead of Vevring exhibition 2013 an art project with the pupils at school Vevring.
‹Thoughts - that is›, 2013, flyers front site.

‹Thought – That is…›

THOUGHTS – THAT IS… , VIII International Biennial of Textile Miniatures. Utstilling i Vilnius, Lithuania
KUR 7; Advertisement Project

KUR 7; Advertisement Project in a local newspaper

In connection with voting rights anniversary in 2013. In a small week around voting rights anniversary date 10th June this year printed newspaper advertisements KUR had found in various publications around the year 1913.
Before mounting.

KUR 5; Woman Banner 8th March 2013

We work with texts that had the right to vote struggle and women’s situation in 1913. The texts were presented in 3 large banner placed on large buildings in Forde downtown and unveiled on Women’s Day.
Before mounting.

KUR 6; Woman Banner and postcards traveling

Marking Woman Voting Rights Anniversary in 2013.
Knitted trivet and table decoration, 15x15 cm, leftovers thread in wool and cotton, knitted, several.

‹Knitted trivet and table decoration›, 2013

By studying and testing the patterns, I have discovered a simple knitting style that can be used as table decoration/protection.
‹The rest›, 2013, detail of the top…

‹The rest›, 2013

I am keen to use the material located close by and I have to decide what is the best way to use it, either throw or use.
From the workshop.

KUR 4; Christmas exhibition and workshop 2012

Arts and crafts exhibition with workshop. This is the second year KUR organizing this project; as an event before Christmas in Førde.
From the catalog of the exhibition.

‹KUNSTsf 2012›

Dette er ei utstilling som inngjekk i opningsprogrammet for nytt museumsbygg i Sogn og Fjordane som ei kuratert medlemsutstilling.
KUR 3; Førde Folk Music Festival blue , 2012, ca 100 x 100 x 400 cm, used stuff and waste.

KUR 3; Førde Folk Music Festival 2012

The project includes marking of four various festival arenas in Førde downtown. Title: ‹Mix Mast›
Installation of text on buildings in downtown Førde

KUR 2, The Women’s Day, 2012

Combined workshop in printmaking and installation stunt of graphic texts in Forde downtown.
‹Winter Evening›, 2012, runner, silk screen printing on linen fabric.

‹Winter Evening›, 2012

‹Winter Evening›, 2012, runner, silk screen printing on linen fabric.
‹Into my mothers head›, 2012, ca 15x15x20 cm, detail

‹Into my mother’s head›, 2012

Inside my mother’s head, 2012, is a small textile which is about my old mother’s loss of skill.
Group of ‹Textile Shapes›, 2012, varying sizes ca 9.5 X 8 X 9 cm, felted woolen jersey strips and woolen thread, textile print.

Group of ‹Textile shapes›, 2012

This is a group ‹Textile shapes› produced in 2012. This is work make in the meantime and can be produced anywhere and at any place. I need woolen strips, thread and needle – and silence.
‹Trådknyting›, 2012, ca 40x40x130 cm, thread remnants from needlepoint embroidery, knotting, detail.

‹Thread knotting›, 2012

When you sit in front of a pile of thread remains and just starts to tie; thread for thread …
Designers' Christmas market

DEJM 2011

Designers’ Christmas Fair (DEJM) is a private initiative and an offer for designers and artists to exhibit and sell handmade design. The market is juried by the criterion for the market to have a good and varied selection of products.
Workshop; shaping of wax candles

KUR 1; Christmas exhibition and workshop 2011

This first event KUR organized was a ‹popup› art event.

Mini Textile Art Exhibition

The 5th International Mini Textile Art Exhibition, Ukraina, 2011. Works max 30x30x30 cm is exhibited.
Vanich and survive, 2011, The 7th iInternational Biennal og Texrile Miniature Art, flyers

‹Vanish / Survive›, 2011

Three works in the series ‹‹Figures for Comfort› has been selected to participate the 7th International Biennial of Textile Miniatures, ‹Vanich/Survive›, 2011. The exhibition will be held at The Lithuanian Artist’s Association’s gallery “Arka” in Vilnius.
‹Embroidery›, 2011, 30x40cm, embroidery, stitch, cotton thread (moulnegarn), cotton canvas, drawing.

‹Embroidery›, 2011

Embroidered by dot pattern
Designers’ Christmas Fair, DogA, Oslo, 2010

DEJM 2010

Designers’ Christmas Fair, DogA, Oslo, 2010
‹Thread 7›, 2010, 40 x 30 cm, cross stitches, woolen fabric and -thread, detail.

‹Thread›, 2010

The textile picture looks seemingly shapeless, but after a while one is able to understand and construe the picture so that one gets a perception of what the starting point is. -thread on a black tabletop.
Catalog frontpage

The Vevring Exhibition 2009

“Dialogue”, Vevringutstillinga 2009, Textile printing mm, 3×4 pieces a 35×35 cm (115 x 150 cm), Photo: ANH
Catalog frontpage

Dok#1 market 2009

Doc # 1 is a market which takes place in Aalborg, Denmark, every late summer / fall. This year is the second time the market was held.
‹Dialog›, 2009, a 35x35, 3x4 stk = 115x150, brukt bomullsjersey, svulmepasta, trefiberplater, dacronvatt, lin til undertrekk, hattestrikk.

‹Dialogue›, 2009

This is a continuation of other wall cushions I have made earlier. In these wall cushions I have used…
‹Moonland›, 2009, 35x35cm x 12 and 5 cushions, plywood, padding and covered with coloured wool jersey. Test mounting.

‹Trivselshagen›, Cultural Center, 2009

Public art of Cultural Center ‹Trivselshagen›, Sandane, Norway, 2009. The wall cushions, has both a decorative and a sound absorbing effect.
Flyers to the exhibition "Tendencies 2008 - Somewhere else, Galleri F15, Jeløya, Moss

‹Another place›

Tendenser 2008, Galleri F15, Moss. An annual exhibition focusing on Nordic arts and crafts.
"Territory", 2008, ca 30x50-60 cm x 8 pcs, plywood, wool yarn, knitting, sawingmounted with small block against wall.

‹Territory›, 2008

‹Territory› symbolizes the male hunting instinct and the female care›
From the exhibition catalog.

‹Art textiles Norway›

Touring exhibition of Norwegian Textile Artists, Art Textiles Norway, 2006-2007. The work «Courtship», has participated at the juryated exhibition. The exhibition will be shown in Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and Bulgaria.

Norwegian Textiltriennal

A part of the Norwegian Textiles Triennial 06 is shown at this exhibition in Röhsska Museum in Gothenburg.
The web front page presentation for the exhibition.

‹Triennal-06›, 2006

‹Figures for comfort› is a work in which I have used remnants from another’s work and made this together to figures. – for comforting in our modern time …
Material and finished decorations patch.

‹Needlework›, 2005

‹DIY› package from solo exhibition at the Art Centre, Førdehuset, 2005. Part of the project ‹Needlework›.
‹LAMP WITH A MOTIVE›, 2005, ca 22x22x7 cm and 17x22x7 cm, plywood, wooden sticks, wool fabric/ thread, saw and drill, machine seam, lamp socket.

‹Lamp with a motive›, 2005

Project: ‹Wooden body with clothes. Here as a lamp motive.
‹Figures for comfort›, 2005, ca 25x18x15 cm, wool blanket/wool material, wood wool, wool tassel, embroidery and applications, work process.

‹Figures for Comfort›, 2005

Inspired by a woollen blanket and the associations connected to it. The left-over material from other work was turned into figures.
«WOODEN BODY WITH CLOTHES», 2005, plywood, wooden sticks, wool fabric/thread, glue, saw, drill, machine seam, ca 10x7x5 cm, mounting process.

‹Wooden body with clothes› , 2005

A small comment to present times and values nowadays; exercise for fingers and flight for thoughts.
‹AQUARELLE EXERCISES›, 2005, canson aquarelle paper and reactive dye.

‹Aquarelle Exercises›, 2005

It was during a busy period before an exhibition I rediscovered the aquarelle technique. Now they are independent works and will occasionally participate in other exhibitions.
Solo Exhibition, 2005, Art Center, Førdehuset, SFKM, flyers

Art Center, 2005

Solo Exhibition, 2005, Art Center, Førdehuset, SFKM. Norway
‹PROPORSAL›, 2005, 4 pieces à 75×60 cm (161×153 cm monted), dress material, padding, plywood, glue and sewing thread.

‹Proposal›, 2005

In the work «Proposal» I have arranged a meeting between a female and a male form of expression.
‹STORING›, 2005, 10x43x27 ++, plywood, woollen blanket, saw/scissors.

‹Storing›, 2005

Storing of flowers cut out of a woolen blanket and stored like this in order to keep them in shape. And it became a wall object on an exhibition
‹TRE KJOLAR OG EI GARDIN›, 2005, à D 15 cm x 96 stk., Kjolestoff, stivemiddel og montasje - lim. ‹THREE DRESSES AND A CURTAIN›, 2005, à D 15 cm x 96 stk., dress material, starch and glue.

‹Three dresses and a curtain›, 2005

I have always been inspired by mi near past and what has happened to me. I searched dress fabric, but have not had many myself … This is my mother’s three dress fabric and a curtain fabric from the same place …
‹WALL CUSHIONS I›, 2005, à 35 x 35 cm x 12 pices, plywood, padding, dyed wool jersey.

‹Wall Cushions I›, 2005

This work is intended for public decorations. In addition to being a piece of decoration, it is intended as a sound absorbing object in the room/at the wall.

Cooperhuset, Balestrand, 2003

Solo exhibition, Cooperhuset, Balestrand, Norway, 2003
‹Runner›, 2002, 60x14 cm, silk print on unbleached linen canvas, seam. Photo: ANH

‹Runner›, 2002

‹Runner›, 1993, ca 60×14 cm, Silk print on unbleached linen canvas.
2000_dordrecht kopi


Utvekslingsutstilling mellom Sogn og Fjordane Kunstnersenter og Stichting Verenigde Beeldende Kunstenaars Dordrecht, 2-24 .september
«CIRCLE AND CIRCLE», 2000, textile printing on cotton canvas, sewing, 15×15 cm x 22 stk. on the wall 175×140 cm, foto: Oddleiv Apneset

‹Sirkel og sirkel›, 2000

In this wall installation each textile is part of a circle and the decoration is based on the same circular form.
Public art of the canteen, Bjørkaas Sjukeheim, Oppegård, 1996, 350×210 two layers, a 300×203 cm and with 50 cm switching, textile print, cotton, detail.

Bjørkås sykehjem, 1996

Public art of the canteen, Bjørkaas Sjukeheim, Oppegård, 1996, 350×210 two layers, a 300×203 cm and with 50 cm switching, textile print, cotton
1994_40_50_60 kopi

40 – 50 – 60

Separate exhibition together with Astrid Myklebust and Astrid Wittersø 1994in connection with our 40th, 50th and 60th anniversaries.
Innskanning kopi_apneset


Stofftrykk. Separatutstilling i Oslo 21. august til 12. september i Kunsthåndverkssalen, 2. etasje.
My streaks› 1993, 180×197 cm, detail, textile print, cotton, hand sewing

My streaks

‹My streaks› is a textile exhibited at Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo in 1997
Public art of the State House, Moss, 1993, ca 400m2, linoleum flooring material, detail.

Statens hus, Moss, 1993

Public art of the State House, Moss, 1993, ca 400m2, linoleum flooring material.