Before mounting.

KUR 6; Woman Banner and postcards traveling

Two out of three banners in Sogn Folk Museum.
Postkort av bannera.
Postcards of the banners.
Ein av bannera montert på eit hus på Tingneset, Vevring, under Vevringutstillinga 2013
One of the banners mounted on a house in the Tingneset in The Vevring under The Vevring Exhibition 2013.

KUR 6; Woman Banner and postcards traveling

Marking Woman Voting Rights Anniversary in 2013.

‹KUNST UTAN ROM› (KUR) is a Art group in Førde, whose aim is to arrange various short artistic project some times every year.
KUR 6, 3 stk large banners in Forde downtown to mark Womens Day 8 March and Voting rights anniversary 2013.
In the three banners were print texts that relates to women’s situation in 1913. The commemoration was opened with fanfare by Trude Skarvatun, Forde culture school. The banners also wandered on to Sogn Folk Museum and The Vevring Exhibition 2013. In addition, we also made postcards of the banners.

Artists: Karen Helga Maurstig, Astrid Wittersø, Inghild Sleire, Merete Hol Tefre og Audgunn Naustdal Holsen.

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