‹Face to face› 2016, Bratislava

‹Dialog› 1, 2 og 3, 2016, a 20×20 cm, Silketrykk og broderi på lin.
‹Dialog / Dialogue› 1,2 and 3, 2016, a 20×20 cm, Screenprint and embroidery on linen.
‹Dialog› 1, 2 og 3, 2016, a 20×20 cm, Silketrykk og broderi på lin, detalj.
‹Dialog / Dialogue› 2, 2016, detail, a 20×20 cm, Screenprint and embroidery on linen.

18th international exhibition of textile miniatures FACE TO FACE
Venue: Galéria Umelka, Dostojevského rad 2, Bratislava
Running from 19 May to 12 June 2016
Opening: Wednesday 18 May 2016 at 18.00
Organised by TXT Slovak Textile Artists Association

Prof. Marga Persson – Textile artist, Austria
Linda Brassington – Textile artist, researcher, UK
Prof. Miroslav Brooš – Academy of Arts in Banska Bystrica, SK
Mgr. Adriena Pekárová – Art historian, SK
Erika Gregušová –president of TxT Association
Curators: Silvia Fedorová and Sharon Peoples
The theme for the 18th annual international exhibition of textile miniatures Zoči-voči / Face to Face.
The theme of Face to Face aims to raise burning and complex questions. It stresses the importance of communication, openness, and the ability to identify problems and find solutions, although the questions are often complicated and ambiguous. It concerns individuals and the whole society. This theme has inspired professional artists and students to create works presenting motifs drawing on the stories of individuals, as well as a variety of responses to the current situation reaching beyond the individual and influencing the whole society, Europe and the world. Many participants have shown empathy for immigrants and the theme of immigration. A frequent motif of the student works was digital communication – contradictions between the benefits of modern technologies and their negative impact on direct contact, perception and responsiveness.

Altogether 152 artists, including 60 students, from 25 countries entered the competition. The international jury has selected 49 professional artists and 25 students from 22 countries, representing, among others, Argentina, Mexico, USA, New Zealand and Taiwan. Apart from Slovak artists, the majority of entries were from the Scandinavian and Baltic countries and Poland. These countries have had a long tradition of textile arts and a great respect for the craft.

In addition to the exhibition of Face to Face, the project includes an exhibition of the award-winning artists from the last year’s event: Eva Cisárová-Mináriková from Slovakia, the TXT Prize, Heidrun Schimmel from Germany, the Jury Prize, and Rasa Jundulaité from Lithuania, the student award category.
Another accompanying event is an exhibition of small-size works (30 x 30 x 30 cm) by 21 artists from Australia under the title TÚŽBA / COVET.

Professional artist at Face to Face:

Affolter Anna; CH // Anaya Yosi; Mexico // Bach Stella; AT // Branišová Zuzana; SK // Brassington // Linda; UK // Brooš Miro; SK // Brown Victoria; UK // Costa Gianello Luciana; IT // Dietrych-Kizak // Katarzyna; PL // Doclo Violette; B // Gaier Ingrid; AT // Galliéni Jill; F // Gregušová Erika; SK // Herup Dorthe; DK/NO // Holsen Audgunn Nautsdal; NO // Hošková Helena; CZ // Hromadová Mária; SK // Hromadová Zuzana; SK // Chang Ching-Yi; Taiwan // Kajaniemi Aura; FI // Klöcklerová Patrícia; SK // Kratochvíl Martin; SK // Kumpf Brigitte; D// Kuźniar Elźbieta; PL // Lappalainen Marita; FI // Lee Chen-Lin; Taiwan // Lopez-Holguin Naty; E/UK // Melčáková-Juneková Věruna; CZ/SK // Micoud Francoise; F// Munoz Torregrosa Maria; E // Niewiadomska Maria; PL // Nisonen Nina; FI // Ortega Maria; E // Petruskeviciene Jurate; LT // Pohjola Ulla; FI // Pulai Arpad; RS // Sanden Bente Knudsen; NO // Stötzler Elisabeth; D/AT // Radoja Melanie; UK/SK // Saulle Graciela; ARG // Šilberská Mária; SK // Škuliene Jelena; LT // Šperková Blanka; SK/CZ // Šujanová Zuzana; SK // Van Bebber Tini; NL


Image from the exhibition

‹Face to face› 2016, Bratislava

18th international exhibition of textile miniatures ZOČI-VOČI / FACE TO FACE