KUR 12; Window 2 ‹Cloth hangers on astray›

Window 2 ‹Cloth hangers on astray›, 2014

KUNST UTAN ROM (KUR) is an art group that aims to test various short art project each year. In this project we have created an installation in a window to show the importance of a shop window in a city and also the shops facing the street looks. The cloth-hangers we found in an empty shop in Førde downtown.This is a contribution to the street community in Førde.

Karen Helga Maurstig
Astrid Wittersø
Inghild Sleire
Merete Hol Tefre
Audgunn Naustdal Holsen.

Prosjektet er støtta av:
Førde Kommune
Sogn og Fjordane Fylkeskommune
Sparebanken Sogn og Fjordane
Fritt Ord

KUR 12; Window 2 ‹Cloth hangers on astray›

In the second window for exhibition we used clothes hangers from a disused shop in the area and created a composition with these in the window. A newspaper story in the newspaper Firda.