New installation of the textile ‹Mine stripes› from 1993 in the shopping center ‹Alti› now in 2024

On the first of March, the second point presentation was mounted in an exhibition stand in the department store ‹Alti› in the center of Førde, as part of the project ‹Alt mitt› 2024. Presenting my work in a department store is a way of mixing cultures. Also in the image material where reflections from the surroundings are included and explain the situation. ‹My stripes› was first shown at my solo exhibition at Kunstnerforbundet in 1993.

‹ALT MITT› is an art project with a retrospective look at my artistry as a textile artist from about 1990 until today; both tests and finished works. Some of this material will appear as physical point presentations in various environments in Førde. The choice of work is determined based on the location/situation in question and the installations will last for about 1 month. The ‹Alt mitt› project is continuously documented and elaborated on this website.

Thanks for the practical and professional help:
Grete Huus, ed. art curator v/KHiB (now KMD).
Thanks also to Atle!

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